RCA RT2911 1000-Watt Home Theater System

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cpk0874 Pretty good system for the money, Base level is a little low, but not back. Adds a really nice sound field for the money and I would buy this system again. Replaced a Sony, and it works better, sounds better and is easier to use then the sony system. Note: This reviewer may have received a benefit, like a sweepstakes entry or rewards program points, in exchange for writing this review. The benefits were not conditioned on the positive or negative content of the review.

PDMathur Product Uses:watching tv/video

Review:The unit has very good sound and connectivity at its price point.

Pros: (1) VERY GOOD surround sound projection and (upscaling) video quality, even compared to more expensive units. (2) Very clean sound at "normal" (volume 7-14) listening levels. (3) "Night mode" limits jarring sounds. (4) Unit has two digital inputs (coax and optical) and one HDMI ouptut for a TV. Great power for the average living room. (4) Short and shallow form factor allows installation into just about any cabinet/media center. (5) Responsible on standby power management (consumes < 1W).

Cons: (1) Unit takes ~5 seconds to wake up (it isn't obvious for several seconds that it acknowledged the remote control). (2) Unit takes several seconds to switch between inputs. (3) There is no TV display/menu interaction when a source other than disc is selected. (4) DVD navigation is difficult because remote does not have hot keys for some DVD functions. (5) Hitting eject or inserting a disc automatically changes the audio source to disc, which is annoying if you are just trying to take a disc out.

Nuisance issues: (1) On HDMI, I have experienced a dark screen and an HDCP non-compliance error once each with my TV. I have not had this happen with other units using HDMI. This is a nuisance issue that requires the TV to be powered off and on or the HDMI input deselected and reselected. (2) There is no digital or analogue switched audio output (I would have liked to feed a wireless headphone). (3) Proprietary speaker wire connector in the back makes it a pain to hook up to pre-existing wiring in the house.

Technical Notes: (1) The specifications show its power supply is rated 180W, but the sum of the output power for 6 channels is rated 520W RMS. This isn't outrageous at this price point. An example 5.1 soundtrack may drive 10Wx2 (rear), 30Wx3 (front), and 60W (subwoofer) and will still sound very good. However, you shouldn't expect this unit to rock your world as a true 520W RMS amplifier would. FYI -- other surround sound manufacturers play this specification games as well. (2) Speaker wire is very thin and adds ~1 ohm to the 4 ohm speaker impedence. You could splice thicker wire to buy back up to 20% more power, if you are power hungry. On the other hand, if you are power hungry, this unit is probably not for you.

Bottomline: Think carefully about how you would use the system and what is most important to you. Expandability may be a concern. For example, I do not require very loud capability; nor do I use the special sound modes (except night mode). I have two digital sources and 1 analogue. Fortunately, one was coax and the other optical, so everything works out. I am generally happy with the unit -- it produces good sound and video for its price.

Boom I read the reviews and couldn't help but notice how off base they were. One is not about this system at all, and the two others were about problems that the buyer should've seen before they bought it. Yes, it has limited jacks in the back. If that is why you bought it then why didn't you see that before you left the store? It's on display, on the box, and listed online.

Look, this system is great for the money. It does just what it's supposed to to. I think it's the best I've ever owned and I've owned some nice stuff. I wish I had got this before wasting money on separates a year ago. Great system!

Sweetashoney I read the reviews and couldn't help but notice how off base they were. One is not about this system at all, and the two others were about problems that the buyer should've seen before they bought it. Yes, it has limited jacks in the back. If that is why you bought it then why didn't you see that before you left the store? It's on display, on the box, and listed online.

Look, this system is great for the money. It does just what it's supposed to to. I think it's the best I've ever owned and I've owned some nice stuff. I wish I had got this before wasting money on separates a year ago. Great system!

Amnesiac The sound on this thing is awesome. I've asked my apartment neighbor several times to let me know if I'm too loud. The bass pounds. However, for a company as big and well known as Philips, the programming, or menu, is shockingly poor. The menu will freeze or semi freeze and you can't fix it without unplugging it from the electrical source. Its really like some company CEO let their high school or college kid design this thing. I wish I had kept the receipt. I'd exchange it for the same one and give it another try--the sound is worth it.

It will also play photos. But it transitions from one photo to another so slow that its not really useful as a gallery presentation to friends or family. My dad got up bored and left the room. It also has a maximum number of photos that it will allow you to view per folder. If you put any over that maximum, it will simply tell you that it will only show you N out of your number.

fashion finder I agree with the earlier review.

I bought this system and the Philips 42" TV, 1080 HD. It is great and easy to install. The sound is amazing, the DVD player works well and the remote is easy to operate. The FM radio sounds excellent. I am using it with a Comcast DVR HD box. It also will play a flash drive, an ipod and an mp3 player. I think there are more applications but haven't had time to look into that. I highly recommend this system and the TV. I had a few questions about installing and operating and called customer service. They answered immediately, the technical support technician was very knowledgeable and gave clear instructions. She also contacted another support person about the TV and promptly and efficiently answered that question too. This is the best customer support I have had yet with a company. So if you are not sure about whether you can install and operate the equipment, there is a good customer telephone support to assist you.

electronicsshopper I believe this Philips product is well worth its modest cost, when working properly. The one I purchased from Best Buy online was a refurbished unit, but it had issues from the beginning. The DVD player would not read DVDs and it emitted a high pitched frequency when the unit was turned off. The unit had to be unplugged to not hear the high frequency. Fortunately the unit came with a warranty, and after a couple calls to Philips, they have sent a replacement, but the process has taken a couple weeks. I'm not convinced that the refurbished unit is worth the difference from the cost of a new one. I received my replacement unit yesterday and watched a DVD last night and all worked fine. It is easy to set up and provides good sound, but I had to splice the speaker wires going to my rear speakers as I wanted to mount them on my ceiling behind the couch, and the wire included was not long enough, but that was not a big deal, and such as I would expect from most units. I believe and hope I will enjoy this unit for many years to come.

njv324 I read the reviews on this product, and saw 11 ratings of 5 stars so I said to myself why not. Why not i ndeed. The install is easy, it is color coded, and tells you what each speaker is for - front left, right, back right, back left. The problem started when I went to turn it on - it did turn on, then turned itself off. I could not get it back on, it was dead, totally dead. I ended up taking it back and getting a refund. I never heard a sound out of it. I will never by a refurbished product again from anyone, anytime, anywhere, no matter what. I ddi buy this product from Target, new out of the box, and the sound is as advertised. I only need \ want it for sound, so for me it is good, and I recommend it, only buy it BRAND NEW OUT OF THE BOX. It was about $30 more and well worth it. I also needed to buy an optical cable to go along with an HDMI connection, so be careful to note what kind of unit that you will be using this with.

odin2fly Product Uses:usb mp3 & videos, tv programs

Review:I bought this system solely because I really wanted the USB port. I've been spending times burning mp3 and DVD videos in my old system (separate components: Pioneer receiver 5+1 channel total 400W FTC, Panasonic DVD player with no USB port). So I thought of replacing the pioneer system with this Philips home theatre system with USB port. However, the performance of this system is below my pioneer system. There are some issues about this system:


1) When switching devices, the audio from the TV program soemtimes can't be output immediately; for example: when switching from USB to TV program, audio is not output immediately. You have to turn the system power on and off several times in order for the audio to output. I don't know why. It can be very frustrating (MAJOR CON).

2) The base is way too heavy. There's no button to adjust the base nor the treble. You only can set the volume of the speakers & subwoofer in the setting mode. Unlike my pioneer system, there's button for you to adjust treble and base while the device (i.e. DVD or TV) is playing.

3) This system is rated FTC 520W. But compared to my FTC 400W pioneer sytem, the pioneer system sounds way better, i.e. clearer and richer (with treble & base adjustment)


1) The USB port is so useful for me. (BUT there's issue too: soemtimes the video stops suddenly. I've checked the files size which is within the size limit; I couldn't figure why it stops)

2) The price is affordable for someone who doesn't want to invest high cost in home theatre system. You can enjoy a home theatre like sound with a low price (but you've to compromise with some issues as stated above)

3) The speakers are so small and compact; good if you've a small room.

ALL in all, this system is consider acceptable if you've budget constraint and yet want to feel a home threatre like sound in your small room. I still keep my pioneer system in case the sound of the Philips system is way too heavy.

Joe Schmoe "Joe Schmoe" I bought this product because it seemed to get great reviews. I got it home and set it up and was generally impressed with the sound quality when running my cable sound through the optical audio input. However, at times the bass is overpowering sometimes but at other times I am amazed at how clear the audio is. I spent the first week fidgeting with the delay as the audio didn't always match up with the video (i.e. the sound was not synced to the lips moving). The kicker came when I hooked my ipod up to the dock. The bass was WAY too overpowering (and I generally love bass) to the point of sounding "muddy." Half way through a song with a lot of bass the subwoofer blew out (the volume was only on 5 and for reference I usually watch tv with it on 11-16). I have owned this system for less than a month and already a speaker has blown.

Pros: Great room filling volume; it actually simulated surround sound when watching sports on tv if you are using an optical audio cable (not included); lots of bass which is great when watching movies; at times the speakers pick up the highs perfectly which makes it speech sound crystal clear; rear speakers have good volume at default level.

Cons: Blown speaker in less than a month; not the most aesthetically pleasing system I've seen; speaker wire is too short for rear placement (be prepared to spend another $10 on some speaker wire); remote is pretty flimsy looking and only controls dvd receiver unlike some other systems I've owned; sometimes the bass is too much and makes it harder to understand dialogue or song lyrics; menus not the easiest to navigate or understand.

All in all an ok system for the money. If you can spend a little more I would, but if, like me, you cannot and you get this system be careful when listening to music or playing anything with a lot of bass too loudly.


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RCA RT2911 1000-Watt Home Theater System

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